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Client Testimonials


The true measure of anyone engaged in estate planning is what our clients believe. We have been honored to serve many wonderful individuals and families; many of them, in turn, have graciously told us of their satisfaction with our involvement in this important aspect of their lives.


"Cheryl did our wills and other estate planning and she was amazing. Not only is she really smart she gives a personal touch to the services as well. I feel very safe knowing my future estate needs are in her hands! I highly recommend!" - Camille Waters Averett


"My wife and I worked with Caroline on our wills and other important life documents we needed to get in order. Our experience could not have been better. Caroline took the time to go over all our options and advised us on the best plan for our situation (of which was the lesser of the 2 cost options). Arlanson Law has the best interest of their clients before any fees and I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking to have a painless will generating experience." - Sean and Lisa Spencer


"I have worked with Cheryl Arlanson Russo many times over the past several - both professionally as a real estate agent, and personally when my husband and I decided to put some estate planning in place. Not only is she a bright, professional attorney, she is a dynamic and wonderful person to know on any level. I highly recommend Cheryl and her firm to anyone who needs legal assistance." - Tanya Ames, Coldwell Banker Norwell


"We worked with Caroline to create our wills and estate plan and are so very grateful for her expertise and clear communication style. We had been putting off doing this, but now knowing more about it (thanks, Caroline!) and how essential this process is I wish we had done it much sooner. I had no idea that if God forbid my husband and I were to get into an accident, that without these legal documents, the state would have to take custody of our kids before vetting whomever would be able to care for them. I can't even stomach the thought of that happening, and am so glad to have a plan in place now that we are happy with. Caroline clearly and patiently communicated each step of the process to ensure we knew exactly what the options are and offered very helpful advice. Highly recommend!"  - Kelly Gorra

“I feel that I got a specifically tailored plan that, if needed, will accomplish everything I want. I was very satisfied.”- Thomas Childs


“We were very satisfied with the estate planning done for us and we would certainly recommend this office to friends and family. Everyone was very friendly and the work was done promptly. All aspects were explained to us clearly. The fee was definitely fair.”- Mary and Bob Stone


“A very thorough, easy to understand presentation.”-Terry and Marcia Martinson


"The initial presentation was thorough, understandable, comfortable and non-pressured. Throughout the entire process Carl answered all of our questions and his knowledge and warmth were apparent. We thank you for making this experience a good one."  - Louise and Dick Bacon


"Huge shout out to Cheryl!  She makes it easy to set up or update guardianships/wills/etc. She has kids, she gets it. Call her today!"  - Katie Howard


"Estate Planning has been something I've, for the most part, always avoided and neglected. Now, having worked with her [Cheryl] on my plan, I cannot say enough about her, her service, her staff, her associate, and the peace of mind that comes from getting my affairs in order. Cheryl is another one of those folks that just has 'the like factor' going on. She is professional and yet refreshingly down-to-earth with her counsel. She is very easy to talk to and patiently helps you understand the law as it pertains to your circumstances. She speaks plainly and honestly while being extremely thorough and sensitive to the emotions involved. If Estate Planning is a task hanging over your head, I encourage you to meet with Cheryl."- Terry Anderson


“Carl was very thorough and jumped through hoops to make sure we understood and felt comfortable with the process.”- Henry and Joanne Goldman


“Our meetings with you were very informative and gave us many details we were not aware of. We were indeed very satisfied with your estate planning services and we felt the fee was fair.  We would be pleased to recommend your office to our family members and friends.”- Richard and Gloria MacCarthy


“Your estate planning services were very satisfactory. I can't suggest any improvements. This was a very thorough and professional rendering of services with an allocation of whatever time was required to fully explain all aspects. I will be pleased to recommend you.”- Ted and Dorothy Miller


“Nancy and I thank you very much for your top-notch assistance in planning our estate. Your service was definitely a very fair value. We do plan to recommend you to our friends and associates.”- Kevin Callanan, Esq.


“We were extremely pleased with how comprehensive Carl's process was. He provide excellent guidance and gave us a great deal of his time as we prepared this document. We would definitely recommend him to friends and family. We honestly thought it was a real bargain for the value of the services provided.”- Richard Steele


“Thank you for your help and guidance in preparing our estate plan. We could not have done it without your professional knowledge and insight. Please also thank your office staff for the many tasks they performed on our behalf. Once again, thank you very, very much.”- Bill and Elaine Grable


“We feel the services were very thorough and very considerate of the client. The attorney/client relationship was very friendly and professional, to the point of creating complete confidence in Mr. Arlanson to complete the goals agreed upon. Carl was always ready and prepared at times of scheduled appointments.”- Allen and Doris Shippee


“The meetings were held in a very professional and understanding manner. The estate plan was explained in detail to me and in a way I could easily comprehend. I highly recommend Carl B. Arlanson.”- Barbara Watts


“Cheryl was cordial, friendly, took time to explain things -- at the same time was very professional, knowledgeable and competent”- Mary Ann Haley


“Carl helped us with our estate planning and administration and we were very satisfied with him and his personal service. His work covered every aspect of our estate planning and it was all clearly and precisely explained to us. We would definitely recommend his services to family and friends.”- Robert and Eleanor O'Bryan


“We were very satisfied with Mr. Arlanson's service. To set up an estate plan required limited visits and he was quite thorough in his briefings. We feel that we received very positive results.”- Donald and Patricia MacMurray

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