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Estate Settlement


Losing a loved one is an emotional and turbulent time for individuals and families. Whether a decedent died intestate (no Will), with a Will, or with a Trust, the estate must be settled. The experienced attorneys of Arlanson Russo & MacKenzie are here to help you in determining what steps are necessary to most efficiently and effectively settle an estate. We provide our clients with the necessary and appropriate legal and practical guidance in the estate settlement process and strive to be compassionate counselors for our clients as they navigate this difficult and often daunting task. Our office assists clients at every stage of estate settlement, whether it be Probate, Trust, or both. 


Services include: 

  • Advice, instruction and supervision concerning the collection and gathering of estate assets, management of the assets, and the administration of the Estate.

  • Preparation of all documents necessary to conduct administration of the Probate and/or Trust Estate.

  • Providing guidance to the client regarding payment of expenses and distributions.

  • Responding to client questions and requests for advice regarding the client's duties as Personal Representative (Executor of a Probate estate) or Trustee (of a trust) in compliance with current Probate and/or Trust law and the administration of the Probate proceeding (for Will and intestacy) and/or Trust.

  • Assistance in all Probate proceedings and preparation of Probate documentation to admit the decedent's Will for Probate at the Probate & Family Court and obtain the appropriate decree(s).

  • Preparation of any Estate Tax Returns (if necessary), obtaining Releases of Lien on assets and all accompanying documentation to clear any Estate Tax Bureaus requiring.

  • Facilitating sale of estate assets to to liquidate assets for distribution as necessary or appropriate, counseling, advice and preparation of documents in connection with the transfer of estate assets, allocation, distribution of Probate Estate assets and/or Trust assets to Beneficiaries.





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